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Frequently Asked Questions
Here Are A Few FAQs We Get A Lot
What is the refund policy for your Membership?
You may end your membership at any time with a written notice.  You will receive a full refund within 30 days of application.  If you have a membership longer than 30 days, you will receive a pro-rated refund of your membership for one month.  The exceptions to this rule are anyone who has received a grant or loan. The terms of receiving either is that you must remain a paying member of the membership you signed up for until the end of your repayment (or loan term).  Other rules may apply.  If you joined and paid but are not eligible for membership you will receive 100% refund of your membership.  If you violate any terms or privacy rules - your membership will be terminated, and you will not receive a refund. Finally, we reserve the right to terminate your membership for any reason and will refund your membership based upon the above criteria. 
How can I change what email address our invoices are being sent to?
You can go into your membership portal and update your billing, email, and other contact information.  If you have any trouble, please email our Support Team at support@RePAIRations.Global. They will ask you to verify the account with security questions.
How do I get copies of my invoice?
Your Invoices are always available to you in your account Details in your member portal. If you would like us to email you an invoice, contact support@RePAIRations.Global.
Is RePAIRations, the W Fund or AfriMatch
a multilevel marketing company?
No! There are no levels to our organizations memberships.  Multi-level marketing companies are legal and many are quite successful.  We, however, are not one of them.  In addition, we are not a pyramid scheme, nor are we any other type of complicated or illegal member organization. There are six types of memberships one each depending on what best describes you:
  1. Individuals - RePAIRations
  2. Business or Startup - Global W Fund (this member automatically become members of RePAIRations with their active membership in the W Fund);
  3. Business or Startup- AfriMatch App matching service for businesses from the Diaspora with African Entrepreneurs and Investors;
  4. Social Impact Organization's - RePAIRations;
  5. Partnerships - RePAIRations, W Fund, or AfriMatch;
  6. Corporate memberships
There are no levels.  You can choose to pay for your membership either monthly or annually.

Our social network RePAIRations Village is free to join but there are parts of the site that are exclusively for paying members. You will either not see these spaces or you cannot join the space.
What are the eligibility criteria for applying for loans and grants?
We have a simple to understand process.  You can read more about it here.
Do you have a referral fee?
Yes!  Thank you for asking!  We do have a referral/affiliate program.  Our members are the best person to help us grow! One of the important pieces we wanted to incorporate is your ability to have a free membership.  If you recruit 10 people at your membership type you will have a free membership and you help us grow!  If you want to continue to refer qualified members to the organization and they become a member of the organization - you will make 10% of their membership (monthly or annually) fee. Example, if you recruit a business member you will receive $11 per month - per member referred.  Same goes for the W Fund or AfriMatch.  This may start out modest but if you continue to refer qualified members who join then you can make a nice residual income just recruiting members.
What are we - Angel Investor, Venture Capital Fund, Peer-2-Peer, Crowdfunder!?
None of these.  We are a member organization that provides benefits exclusively to our qualifying members.  This includes loans and grants, education, business development, social network and so much more!
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Thyra Lowe, Founder and CEO
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