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We don’t have to tell you how difficult it is to fundraise for an organization that is run by and focuses on needs in the black community.   
Nonprofit organizations receive a whopping 50% of their annual donations between October and December with 12% of all annual donations occurring during the final three days of the year.

Wouldn't it be great if you could meet your annual fundraising goal and then lock that in as a recurring donation month over month and year over year? What if you had stable funding for your vital services while supporting black people all over the country? What if you had a whole toolkit of resources to help your client move from dependency to self-sufficiency? Sounds too good to be true? Well, today is that day!   

Who we are: RePAIRations™ is our members-only organization. We aim to change the narrative around black people and provide the financing, education, and connectivity to move us from the needy to our nation's leaders.  RePAIRations™ makes it easy for black people to connect throughout the African Diaspora and in the Motherland to start businesses and safely invest in one another to create generational wealth for us all.  

What we do: We provide personal loans, microloans, and business loans for black people and black-owned businesses. Every member becomes an investor in themselves and one another. We also offer black history lessons, training, and education for business and personal needs. Did we mention we will be taking our first trip to Africa in 2022? We provide a social network for black people to convene, cooperate, and collaborate to form a new world.    

How it works: As a nonprofit, you signup and become a partner in our organization. That gives you a referral number. Now, share that referral through your regular fundraising means to reach your black patrons and beneficiaries.

We are here to support black people in all of our endeavors. Our mission is to enable our people to empower themselves to meet the moment upon us. And, through self-determination, elevate our status here at home, throughout the African Diaspora, and on the Continent of Mother Africa.  
RePAIRations™ is an organization that seeks to REPAIR historic wrongs. We allocate social impact funding of up to 10% of our monthly dues to ensure that everyone wins. A rising tide lifts all boats.

What you get: in addition to the funding, as a Partner you have:
  1. Elevated status in our organization - you will have pride of place in our membership directory; the opportunity to showcase your organization's work in our ongoing live sessions on Social Impact, the ability to create your own money bomb for special projects in your local region.
  2. Empowering resources for your clients, donors, and supporters in the form of education, black history, social network, and most importantly - access to capital for personal and business needs.
  3. Built-in membership of black people to donate beyond your monthly funding.
  4. Access to expertise from all disciplines, and, of course, you can tap into this organization to draw volunteer talent. 
  5. Interaction with other social impact partners and in 2022 - a social network just for black NPOs. 
When we unite, we change our individual situations, communities, nation, and world.

Black Unity: An idea whose time has come. Join us today, and let's change the future now! 
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