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As part of a new and evolving industry, we recognize that we need partners, both from our business community and from the wider African Diasporan community.

We work with a range of people and companies who introduce RePAIRations™ to their network, and we'd love for you to join us in our aim to support black people and black-owned businesses.  We have several partnership types:

Brand ambassadors

Established members who love RePAIRations and act as ambassadors earning referral incentives along the way

Industry Influencers

Online influencers, platforms, and networks earn a commission when they join our affiliate network

Professional advisors

  • Business advisors and commercial finance brokers who have worked in the financial services industry
  • Black educators who create quality content about black history and African history
  • Travel advisors who specialize in tours to Africa
  • Consultants and relocation advisors who assist dIasporans in moving and establishing themselves in Africa

Contact us to discuss which type of partnership is most suitable for you; we can tell you more about the benefits available and the resources that can help you get started. 

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